How It Works
How to Protect My Work
What Can I Protect?
What Are Certificate Tokens?
Can I Protect My Trading Name and Logo?
Can I Protect My Product Design?

About Copyright Law

What is copyright?

What kind of original work is protected by copyright law?

How long does your legal copyright last?

Which countries respect International Copyright Law?

What's the difference between copyright and trademark?

Can I use the © copyright symbol on my original work?


About Protect My Work

What is Protect My Work?

How do I know Protect My Work isn't a scam?

Can I contact you by phone?

Do you have reviews?

Does anyone at Protect My Work ever view my work?

Does Protect My Work use SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?


Registering With Protect My Work

How much does it cost to join Protect My Work?

How can I pay?

Can I protect my logo?

Can I protect a name?

Why do we charge an annual subscription fee?

What is a certificate token?

Does Protect My Work offer a one-off payment for copyright protection?

After registering, I have not received my password from you by email?

Can I use your system for proving original authorship of an NFT (Non Fungible Token) to be added to a Blockchain Network?


Managing Your Account

How do I submit my work?

Can I edit or add more files to an existing certificate?

What types of digital files can I protect?

Is there a size limit on the work I can upload?

How can I show my work is protected?

Why do we certify the SHA256 file hash?

How do I share my digital certificate with a third party?

How can I view work I have submitted to Protect My Work?

Can a third party view my work online at Protect My Work?

Can I send a notice to my client stating I've submitted work to Protect My Work?

What should I do if my work is stolen?

Can I do anything else to protect my work?

How can I compress my music files to an mp3?

Should I submit only my final piece of work or all connected material?

What happens if my subscription expires?

How do I cancel my subscription?



Do I have to register my work with the US Copyright Office for my copyright to be legally valid in the USA