Why do we charge an annual subscription fee?

We charge an annual fee because we keep the work you register with us online, with your digital certificates, so it's available to you any time you may need it in the event of a future dispute.

We have to cover ongoing costs such as technical support, company management as well as server maintenance and storage. The small annual membership fee of £36.99 (ex. VAT) covers these costs and we hope is affordable to the creative community.

We have been trading successfully since 2004 and by charging this small annual fee, instead of a large up front fee, this ensures we will be able to operate in perpetuity , meeting future costs with future revenues, and so are able continue to support you. Some other copyright companies charge a high up front fee for "lifetime storage" but they spend your all your money, and so have nothing to meet future costs of their company, so most go bust. Most recently, a company called 'Duly Noted' did exactly this, and of course anyone who had filed their work with them, have now unfortunately lost their evidence.

Protect My Work has many thousands of happy subscribers, we know our business model works well and are built for longevity.

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