Why do we charge an annual subscription fee?

The most important part of our copyright proof certification is that we hold a copy of your original work files and certificates, so that when a dispute arises in the future, you can show independent date stamped evidence of creation using our system.

We charge a small annual membership fee of £41.65 (ex. VAT) to cover ongoing costs of providing that service, such as file storage, technical support, phone support, company management, server maintenance, website upgrades, security reviews as well as administration costs. This has allowed us to trade successfully since 2002 and ensures we’ll be able to operate in perpetuity, balancing future costs of holding members' work with future subscription revenues, enabling us to continually hold your work and certificates and support you in the future when a dispute on your work arises.

Some competitors may charge large one-off payments, for 'lifetime storage'. This may seem like good value but leaves creators vulnerable, as without a continual stream of new customers, the provider eventually goes bankrupt and copyright evidence is lost.

Most recently, a company called 'Duly Noted' did exactly this and of course anyone who had filed their work with them, unfortunately lost their evidence because the company went bankrupt because they had the wrong business model.

Protect My Work has many thousands of happy members and we know our business model works perfectly for longevity and peace of mind for members.

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