How do I share my digital certificate with a third party?

There are two ways to share your digital certificate:

1. Create a 30 Day Temporary Link:

Some third parties such as Amazon, have a policy that will not allow them to log in to external websites like Protect My Work .

In these cases, you can create a temporary, 30-day link, which enables you to share your digital certificate without the need for passwords or logging in.

Log into your account and go to ā€œMy Protected Worksā€. Then see below for details:

Create Temporary Link

2. Reference Number and Password:

When you upload your work to Protect My Work, you'll receive a confirmation email like the one below:

Confirmation Email

Give the work reference number and work password, along with the link to our "Search Protected Work" page to any one that you want to verify your digital certificate to. They'll be able to see your digital certificate and certified work live on our website and be able to confirm it's legitimate and current.

The rest of your work remains private and secure, they'll only have access to that certificate and its data.

Most importantly, never give anyone your main account login details as this could compromise your work.


Digital certificates are saved as downloadable PDF files on the My Protected Works page in your account (see screenshot below).

pdf copyright certificate

More information about how to share a certificate is shown in the following video (41 secs):

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