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Can I send a notice to my client stating that I have submitted the work attached in an email to Protect My Work?

Yes, if Third Party Notification set to 'Yes' (see tick box in Account Details in our login area), and you send your work by email to us at protect@protectmywork in the TO field, with a CCed recipient your email , we will then send a registration notice to the person you CCed the your email . This ensures that person is aware your work is protected and can login to see the work and the certificate. This service is free of charge.
The text of email text that we send to your CC recipient is as follows:
This email to inform you that the files you received from YOUR NAME at YOUREMAILADDRESS, have been protected by If you would like to view the protected work, please go to and enter the following information into the "Search Protected Work" page: Reference Number: xxxxxxxx Password: xxxxxxx

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