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Copyright Protection for Photos

Join us for a yearly subscription fee of

£33.00 (ex. VAT) PA

A £1 (ex. VAT) certificate token is required for each piece of work you register with us (max 5 files per certificate).

Register today & receive 5 free certificate tokens, that's up to 25 files protected for just £33.00 (ex. VAT) pa , with a 14 day money back guarantee!

Protect My Work is a UK based user-friendly and affordable solution to protect against global copyright theft of anything creative, whether you want to copyright protect songs, music, graphic designs or even a whole website. Creatives can register their work at any development stage e.g. before pitching the idea, emailing the demo/prototype to a client or publishing to the public domain.

Set up originally by a group of creatives to help protect their own copyright, we are proud to say we have been providing an effective copyright deterrent for our customers since 2004 and are recommended by solicitors across the country.

Copyright of photos is an automatic legal right, as soon as that photo has been created. In the UK, there is no official agency to submit photos. While copyright is an automatic right it is not so easy to prove should you be the subject of copyright theft.

All work registered with us receives a unique reference number and a fixed date stamped digital certificate to help prove your copyright under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 .

In addition to the UK and it's overseas territories, we have subscribers in Ireland, USA , Australia , United Arab Emirates, and all of the EU countries (including The Netherlands, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Greece , Cyprus), as our service provides automatic legal copyright proof in the 178 worldwide countries, who have all signed the international copyright treaty called The Berne Convention. All of these countries are legally bound under international law to respect each other's automatic legal copyright . See full drop down list of countries below:

Source: World Intellectual Property Organisation, July 2017

Copyright usually lasts for the life of the author + 70 more years. It's an asset worth protecting , so you can maximise your royalties and licence fee income.

All photographers should place a watermark of some kind and a copyright notice ("© Copyright 2003 -2019. Photographers name/company All Rights Reserved.") on all their photos before they are released to the public domain.

Should photos be discovered and used without the photographers consent, it can become a problem in proving you took the photograph and that the copyright belongs to you. The image could be stored on a hard drive with the date and time it was loaded, but dates and times can be changed on home or office computers and is not always 100% proof.

By submitting your photos to Protect My Work, your photos will be registered and held in our database, along with the time and date they were received. It is possible to submit any digital file, such as JPG's, either by email or by logging into your account and uploading it.

For extra proof of the originality of the photographs, you are able to upload different versions of the work, demonstrating the different stages the photos went through before reaching their final state. This can be invaluable evidence should you need it.

Protect My Work allows it's members to upload up to 50MB in one go, either by email or upload from the website. Members may upload up to five separate files in one go as long as the combined total of all five files is less than 50MB.

Dion, Moosejam ...

Immediately we opened an account and we never looked back. A great company with top customer support...


More Trustpilot

Members have the option to simply attach up to 5 attachments (totalling less that 50MB) to an email and send it to This is without doubt the easiest, fastest and simplest way to register your work. After sending the email, you will receive one email in reply asking you confirm. Once confirmed, you will receive a final email with details of the recently registered work, a unique username and password. This unique username and password can be given to anyone that you may need to prove the work is registered. The username and password can be entered in the "Search Protected Work" page and the work will be displayed for download.

This protection in itself is an effective deterrent of anyone using your photos without permission.

Independent Witnessing Of Your Intellectual Property.

Proves Originality For Your Work.

Deter Others From Using Your Work Without Permission.

Only £33.00 (ex. VAT) Per Year Membership & £1 (ex. VAT) Per Submission Thereafter.

Benefits of Our Service

  • All work receives a digital certificate with reference number
  • Independent 3rd Party Copyright Ownership in 177 countries
  • Quick and Easy: copyright protection in just 5 minutes
  • Free Telephone support line
  • Just £33.00 (ex. VAT) per year, plus £1 (ex. VAT) per piece of work (first 5 FREE)
  • UK Based, Secure, Trusted , Independent and Confidential
  • Use our logo on your work as a theft deterrent
  • 14 Day money back guarantee
  • Free Affidavit (in event of court action)
  • HMRC vat registered
  • Copyright usually lasts for the life of the author + 70 more years


  • Christos A. Music Artist, Manager

    As a professional musician and artist manager with a background in contracts, agreements, and copyright law, I was always looking for fast and trustworthy ways to register my work before share it with external partners. The reputation and customer service of ProtectMyWork, gave me the confidence to make them the first stop after each of my musical or screenwriting creations.
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  • Christos A. Music Artist, Manager

    As a professional musician and artist manager with a background in contracts, agreements, and copyright law, I was always looking for fast and trustworthy ways to register my work before share it with external partners. The reputation and customer service of ProtectMyWork, gave me the confidence to make them the first stop after each of my musical or screenwriting creations.

  • Wendy Hall

    I have been with Protect My Work for nearly three years. It couldn't be simpler to create and add to your own work and ideas knowing they are safe with a simple link or email copy add when sending details. I thought it would be complicated, but I couldn''t have been more wrong. As a start up business, you don't always know if you're making the right decisions, but this is definitely one of them. You can check your work at any time knowing that its safely stored in certificates for you.

  • G Horner

    I have only started using Protect My Work, but already I'm very impressed about how fast and effective they are at copyrighting my work. It is a simple process, too. It's also good to know that I can process future work in the same way at no extra cost!

  • Mr. K. Layne

    Having experienced this copyright facility for the first time, I am very happy to have made my decision in using Protect My Work - the function to upload documents is seamless, the content of the site to assist users is clear and concise and the price to ensure governance over your cherished and protected ideas is very good for what your organisation offers. Keep up the good work as I will be using you now and the near future.

  • Oliver L

    Great positive fast service. Easy to navigate and fast response. Happy to protect our work with you!

  • Ian Litchfield

    No problem with your fast efficient service

  • M Isherwood

    great simple service, no hassle and very effective way to protect your work.

  • Rick L

    A very quick and easy way to safe-guard your work. I'm a pro muso, and this is by far the best site. Too many writers just pop their work into a self-addressed envelope, seal it and post it to themselves; and keeping it sealed when they receive it. And that's proof they 'registered' it? Don't think so! Do what we all do - use professionals

  • Tamara A

    I just want to say thank you to Jonathan and the team, I had some issues at the beginning (all of my own fault) and even though he didn't have to, Jonathan worked very hard to help me put it all right. People who go above and beyond for others are what make this world a little better and I just wanted to say thank you publicly and give 10 stars!!

  • Reacapp Productions Bahamas Limited

    I am so grateful I found Protect my work,I had been doing the poor man's Copyright for many years and was beyond worried. Now that I am a member of Protect my work,I can sleep at night.

  • Jo Pedro Luis

    Thank you for your amazing work!! This service is so easy to use!!

  • Saffron Waghorn

    Hello, I found protectmywork very convenient and a quick easy way to protect my work and ideas from others. I have had plans, designs and work stolen and used in the past, without my permission. This is a sure, inexpensive way to protect all your hard work from people who would rather use yours than think for themselves. Thank you

  • Jale

    Very pleased with the service, easy to use and efficient.Fantastic and competent service, very happy.

  • Aaron Wood, Nerdversity 101

    I found ProtectMyWork to be the best thing that's happened to me. The process is so smooth, all done online and via email, so no phone calls and being put on hold. It's so easy to protect work via email, just send what you need in the message, all protected within minutes. The other benefits would be the price and the fact you're protected in over 172 countries in the world and the fact you can protect anything from images to sites. I would highly recommend ProtectMyWork to all my professional friends.

  • Lorraine Abigail � Wolf Spirit

    This was the first time I have had to copyright my material and I was so nervous. I was absolutely delighted with the clear, easy, and quick process for uploading my artwork. I am so relieved to have my artwork and information protected. Fabulous! Lorraine Abigail,

  • Adam Zaatri

    Protect My Work has given me piece of mind as I make my way into the professional world and do not want any doubt that my work is my own.

  • Liney Dampz

    I'm A Upcoming Solo DJ & Music Producer And This Helps Alot And You May Aswell Take Advantage Of The Service By Mounting Your Own Song Artwork To Your Own Music Track & That's It, I Recommend To Any Upcomming Artists Who Don't Want To Take A Contract From A Record Label.

  • George Potter

    Thank you so much for providing, instant incredibly useful access to gaining rights. Unfortunately I lost a battle in court after a large firm took my designs, but since gaining the protection for here I have been clear! George

  • H Dawson

    Very quick service, I called up because I was confused and got a speedy and informative answer. Thanks


    Easy to use & great reassurance knowing my work & brand is safely protected.

  • Michael ODowd

    Wow what a very simple and straight forward process to help me protect my business I feel I can now rest easy knowing my hard work is protected !! Thanks & Best Regards Michael O' Dowd M&M Window Cleaning

  • Ezekiel Morris

    It's fast, easy and safe to copyright your work with PMW especially when I'm promoting my work on the internet.

  • Roy Gaynor

    I write complete original musicals, the storyline, lyrics, libretto and music and I have used Protect My Work to look after my copyright for a number of years. I find the service quick and easy to use and when I need any help the Protect My Work people are efficient and friendly.

  • Annette Chaudhry

    a very professional service at a budget price where everybody can access their rights to copyright their work. Easy to use website features and downloadable logo and company website for protection and a professional look on my writing pieces. Fast and friendly service if have any questions need answered from the support team. They are cheap for £1 a token which I can upload multiple works. My work being registered on here has even made me be noticed from a publishing house and asked to use one of my poems in a poetry book with other creative writers from the UK.

  • Malcolm Nolan, Precious Poppies

    Just to say a big thank you. I joined Protect My Work today, to protect my company's artwork,logo, pictures, and Design ideas. The process was quick & easy. There was a glitch with the change of password, but a member of the team responded very quickly & helpfully to address this matter. It was sorted out quicker than I imagined it would be, to their credit. I look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with Protect My Work, & the staff. I would be more than happy to recommend them to possible future clients.

  • Kate Russell

    Such a great site - easy to use and explains all the legal information simply and to the point. Very quick to use, once I have a design ready it takes a couple of minutes for me to get it protected! Definitely recommend for the peace of mind it gives.

  • Amy Foster

    Easy process to follow; quick and simple. Provides peace of mind for a very good price. Would highly recommend.

  • Gareth Logan

    I have 100% confidence that if I need to prove any of musical works being created by me that Protect my Work will be able to help with this in Court.

  • Anne Becker

    I just wanted to say the service I received from you was excellent.

  • Dion, Moosejam Tactical Team

    Immediately we opened an account and we never looked back. A great company with top customer support. We highly recommend PROTECT MY WORK for peace of mind and security of your venerable designs and data.

  • Kirsty Garbutt of Perfect Reasons

    I cannot thank PMW enough - in particular Jonathan who answered all of my questions and believe me when I say questions I mean every topic relevant to my work imaginable. He was polite, helpful, courteous and friendly which put my mind at ease. He made the whole process smooth and easy. I am so pleased I found PMW as now my work now has a legal footpath and for us little people, its a weight off ones shoulders. Many thanks once again to PMW and Jonathan. A Happy Customer

  • B West,Home Security Surveys UK

    Having spent many hours writing down my years experience in Crime Prevention and then three months correlating it all into a readable format for publication I was concerned about my work being copied & reproduced by all and sundry. Then I came across Protect my Work website & it all became clear and simple. My work was uploaded and protected in less than ten minutes. I have more than enough to do without worrying about my work being copied without my permission. My thanks to Protect my Work, Peace of mind in less than 10 minutes & very reasonable fees.

  • Caroline Parke

    I highly recommend Protect my Work, after searching for who to depend on to protect my pics and poetry, I now have peace of mind. Staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. Great value for money. Quick and easy steps, help at hand. Fantastic site.

  • Freddy James, The Freddy James Band.

    I found the whole team involved very professional and gave excellent rates. This is a real piece of mind knowing that all back catalogues of my work and current are protected from copying and unauthorised use. Highly recommend them to anyone who writes and records their own material.

  • Chris Levee

    I have been placing material on Protect My Work for over a year now and think its not only tremendous value to anyone, but the service is incredible, the features that can be used are brilliant and the security is top class, anything I have registered I know is secure yet I can direct anyone to my work without being compromised in any way. I can also add protection logo's to my work as I regularly print out material and present it, not only is the protection vividly apparent but looks as it is, very professional. Protect My Work .. A big thumbs up

  • Dottie G

    Safe to copyright your works with PMW, I design, write & crochet my own patterns.Excellent service, keep up the good work PMW!!

  • James Ivan

    Fantastic, simply & cost effective way of protecting your work. An absolute must for ALL who create. Highly recommended!

  • Grigor Carstairs

    Most excellent copyright service, very important that copyrights are handled efficiently and without fuss, a first class service, and pleasant, professional to deal with.

  • Diane Jennings

    very good service, peace of mind for any artist or the like and a very easy to use website.. have used the site for many years now with no problems at all..

  • Charleen Armitage

    Really love this website' great affordable price and easy to get around ' great customer service ' very happy ,thank you

  • Round One Gym

    Great service, I copyright my company logo and branding material with PMW. Instant peace of mind. I highly recommend

  • Phil Spurgin

    Excellent facility for protecting my music. Fast, economic and easy.

  • Anthony Shuster

    Straightforward, consistent service. I've been using it for a number of years now, very satisfied with what they provide.

  • Gian Galeazzo Ganzarolli

    The service is efficient and does what it promises

  • Adam Bennie

    Very straightforward fast efficlient service

  • George Carson

    Excellent service. So easy to use.

  • Jake McRae

    Quick, easy, fair protection

  • Kristi Reed

    Very pleased! Such a fast and easy way to protect the copyright of my photos!

  • Queen Lizifah

    Very good site, reasonable price and very reliable!

  • MrCentury007

    Great product would highly recommend to all.

  • Csaba Marko

    Excellent service. Very good customer service. Thank you guys!!!

  • Zaryab Khan

    The way it's been done so far has been really simple and very effective it's a great way of protecting what you have worked for and I would recommend this too all my friends. Thank you once again for all your help. Zaryab Khan



Simply register as an author with us first. It only takes 2 minutes and all data is encrypted for your security. You'll receive a welcome email with your password and detailed instructions on how to protect your work.


Login to our member area and click the UPLOAD NEW WORK button. This allows you to securely upload your files to our secure vault. Alternatively, email your files to


Immediately after you've protected your work, you'll receive an email confirmation from us. Registered works receive a unique reference number.