What's the difference between copyright and trademark?

Copyright and trademark are different. The table below explains the main differences:

  Copyright Trademark
What can be protected? Original artistic, literary and dramatic works such as logos, websites, songs, music recordings, lyrics, photos, books, training & course materials, product artwork , packaging artwork, drawings, paintings, sculptures, 3d and 2d artwork. poems, scripts, computer software, apps, and dramatic works. Names, slogans or logos.
Registration required? No but you WILL have to have indisputably and credibly prove that the work is yours if there is a copyright dispute. Yes, apply through UK government. International trademarks must be registered with individual countries. The EU can be registered as a block.
Registration process? Complete the 2 minute registration form on our Register page, then upload your work. Research – apply – trademark examination – opposition period – approval Click Here For Details.
If I register a logo that includes a name, is the name also protected? No. Only the graphic design of the logo is protected. You cannot protect a name using ProtectMyWork.com. No. You must register two separate trademarks to protect both the name and logo and pay two sets of registration fees.
How long does it take? With ProtectMyWork.com the process is immediate and automated. Up to 6 months.
How much does it cost? £41.65 (ex. VAT) per year subscription fee.
membership fee with ProtectMyWork.com.
UK Trademarks start at £170. International prices vary.
International protection? Yes, 179 countries around the world. No, only in the country that you have a trademark registered.
How long does protection last? As a general rule:
Authors lifetime, plus 70 years.
Usually 10 years.
What symbols can I use on my logo? © ™ ®

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