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Copyright Registration Company UK - Music Copyright
Online Copyright Protection Service - Copyright Music
Online Copyright Protection Service - Copywriting Songs
Online Copyright Protection Service - Copywriting Photos
Online Copyright Protection Service - Copywriting Websites
Online Copyright Protection Service - Copywriting Designs
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Online Copyright - Copyright Music  
Online Copyright - Copyright Songs
Online Copyright - Copyright Websites
Online Copyright - Copyright Designs
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Looking for how to copyright songs, music, photos, designs, websites or anything creative? Our Copyright Protection Service is designed to help

Music Copyright

If you want to know more about how to copyright songs, music, photos, designs, logos, websites or any creative files, then please read on...

Protect My Work is a UK based user-friendly and affordable solution to protect against copyright theft of anything creative, whether you want to copyright protect songs, music, graphic designs or even a whole website. Creatives can register their work at any development stage e.g before pitching the idea, emailing the demo/prototype to a client or publishing to the public domain.

Using our simple email system, we record details such as the sender, receiver, the time and date the work was submitted ensuring that all work is logged and credited to its rightful owner while backing up and securing all data. All you have to do is attach the work to an email and send to It couldn't be quicker or simpler.

Once an author has submitted their work, the date of submission cannot be altered and is therefore an extremely reliable source to prove the originality of one’s work. Work submitted to Protect My Work is NEVER opened or looked at. Our automated system receives the work and stores it on our secure servers.

By subscribing to our site, you will be entitled to use our logo on your work. This is designed to warn off potential copyright thieves and is a very effective deterrent from copyright infringement . Your work has been witnessed by us and you are sending a clear message that you are serious about pro-actively protecting your legal rights.

We are proud to say we have been providing an effective copyright deterrent for our customers since 2004.

Copyright Law

Copyright Registration Cost

Protect My Work keep costs simple and very good value for money. Our copyright registration charges are simply:

Copyright Your Music An annual site subscription fee of   £  29.99  per year.
( This does not increase with the amount of work you register with us)


Copyright Books A £ 1 token is required for each piece of work your register with us
(max 5 files per £ 1 token). This is a one-off cost not an annual charge.

Copyright Company Register today and receive 5 free tokens, that's up to 25 files protected for FREE!

Protect My Work or poor man's copyright?

With the worldwide use of the websites giving people access to everything from photos to music to designs, it is not surprising that copyright breaches are becoming more widespread. In response to these violations, some lawyers have suggested a “simple” solution to protecting your work and propose that posting yourself a copy of the work, also called the 'poor man's copyright', provides enough proof of the original author.

However, how does someone print and post a song or piece of music, or the entire code for a web site? If stored hard copies are an author’s only proof of ownership, what happens if the documents are misplaced or damaged? Many designers, artists and writers find themselves with many pieces of design work each month. Are they to be posted and stored indefinitely? 10 years? 20 years? 50 years?

Copyright law across the world, states that you must prove you are the original author of a piece of work. Should anyone copy your intellectual property you will have to prove in court that you are the original author and the ideas of the work are original. The easiest way to do this is to keep draft versions of the work. A court can then see the different development stages of the work and be sure the work was original. The ‘poor man's copyright’ system could prove to be difficult for a writer who has to continuously post themselves draft versions of their book…and then find somewhere to store them!

Copyright protection for your computer files

You can protect any type of digital file with Protect My Work. Any file format can be emailed or uploaded to our system. For example: .doc, .jpg .gif .bmp .png .psd .xls, mp3, the list goes on. The only file that cannot be submitted is an .exe.

Copyright for music, songs, lyrics, design work, product design ideas, illustrations, business plans, music, photographs, poems, scripts, even whole websites can be recorded if the files are emailed us.

What will Protect My Work do if my work is copied?

If your work is used without permission and registered with us, we can provide you with valuable evidence should your case go to court. Protect My Work will provide you with an affidavit. An affidavit is a written, sworn statement that is acknowledged and endorsed in front of a Notary Public. An affidavit may be used in place of oral testimony in court.

Proof of authorship using the Internet helps avoid printing reams of paper (environmentally friendly!) and is more time efficient. If we were to print and post each design and intellectual property item to ourselves we would be spending too much time, and energy on printing, purchasing stamps, stuffing envelopes and then trying to find somewhere to store all these sealed envelopes!

The internet might be the perfect get away vehicle for a patent thief, but authors should in fact embrace the internet and use it to their advantage - not shy away from it.

Register today and receive 5 free tokens.

If you want to know more, specifically about how to Copyright songs and music then please click here.

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