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What is protect my work?

Protect My Work has been developed in order to enable individuals and organisations to protect their work from being unlawfully used. By registering your work with us, it will act as a deterrent to others who may be tempted to use your work without permission.

What kind of original work is protected by copyright law

Here are some common examples:

  • Literary, dramatic, musicals and artistic work, including books, plays, poems, design, illustration & photography, logos, & training courses.
  • Original non-literary written work, for example software, web page content, design and databases
  • Sound/music, lyrics, songs, film, TV, & broadcasts

How copyright law protect your work

Copyright prevents other people & companies from making a copy of it, adding it to a website, distributing it on any other media (whether for money or free), performing it, showing or playing your work in public and changing it.

After registering, I have not received my password from you by email?

Please check your email SPAM or Junk folder for missing emails, as sometimes emails get put there by mistake.

How much does it cost?

£ 29.99 per year subscription fee.

A £ 1 token is required for each piece of work submitted thereafter.

Note: Total size of files must be less than 20MB in each £ 1 token you use.

Can I use the copyright symbol (©) on my original work?

Yes you can, but you do not have to. Omitting this symbol does not affect your legal rights and the level of protection.

How do I submit my work?

By Email: After registering, you can email your work to

By Uploading: You can also submit your work by logging into the members area and uploading to our secure server vault from the Upload New Work page.

What kind of computer files can I protect?

You can protect any type of digital file with Protect My Work. Any file format can be emailed or uploaded to our secure vault. For example: .doc, .jpg .gif .bmp .png .psd .xls, mp3, .mov, txt, the list goes on. The only file that cannot be submitted is an .exe.

Avoid using apostrophes ( ' ) or speech marks ( " ) in the file names of the files you send us as these characters can interfere with the website code.

Should I submit only my final piece of work or all connected material?

It is to your benefit to upload all connected material, not just the final version of your work. (i.e., previous designs, documents outlining an idea etc.). This can be very useful evidence should you have to prove you are the author.

Does use SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?

Yes, we use 128 bit SSL data encryption for all data uploaded to our database. See our SSL certificate below

How do I pay?

Payment is made using Paypal, using your credit / debit card or even bank account.

How will my clients know my work is protected by you?

1. By adding either of the following warnings graphic to your work. If you would like to download these from our member are, please login here

2. Or email the work to your client and 'Cc' us.

How can I view work I have submitted to Protect My

There are two ways to view protected work: Simply log into your account and click on 'My Protected Work'.


Enter the unique username and password for that protected work on the Search Protected Work page. You will receive this when you have confirmed registration of your work with us.

Can a third party view my work online at Protect My

Yes, BUT ONLY if the unique username and password is entered correctly on the Search Protected Work page. Only people that you give these details to will be able to view that piece of work.

Can I send a notice to my client stating that I have submitted the work attached in an email to Protect My Work?

Yes, if Third Party Notification set to 'Yes' (see tick box in Account Details in our login area)., and if you have Cc'd or Bcc'd your email to us, we will send a registration notice by email to the person you are sending your email to. This send a confirmation email sent to the client automatically once the work has been received by Protect My Work.

What should I do if my work is stolen?

Approach the client and let them know that the work was registered with Protect My Work. If they refuse to stop using the work, you can threaten legal action to recover damages and share of their profits using your submission to Protect My Work as evidence of ownership and copyright infringement.

Can I do anything else to protect my work?

Yes. You should always add the following text somewhere on your work: © 2015 Your Name/Company Name. All Rights Reserved.

Is there a size limit on the work I can email?

Yes. We have a 20 megabyte limit on work that is emailed or uploaded to us. If your work is more than 20 megabytes, try and compress your work (try using zip files). If your work is graphically based, compressing to Jpgs can reduce the size significantly.

How can I compress my music files to an mp3?

There are many software programs on the Internet that will convert your sound files to mp3. Some are free like FreeRip which offers basic conversion to mp3, and there are other more sophisticated software programs available for a small fee, many of which can be found using Google.

Does anyone at ever view my work?

No. Your files are submitted to us and remain confidential. No one at Protect My Work will open files unless asked to do so by you.

How long does copyright last legally?

The length of time will vary according the type of work. Here is a link that explains how long copyright lasts..

What happens if my subscription to your site expires?

Your work will no longer be protected so please renew each year.

Subscriptions are automatically charged every year to your paypal account. If you cancel this arrangement in your paypal account, or close your paypal account, then your subscription to Protect My Work will not get automatically renewed by Paypal.

If you find your account does expire, you can simply Login and you will be given the option to pay for a renewal.

You have up to 30 days after expiration to renew the account, after this your files will be marked for deletion and will no longer be protected by us.