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Copyright is an automatic right under international law and it can last up to 70 years after your death, but you will have to prove that you are the original creator and the date it was created. We witness the ownership of your work, making this easy.

Why You Need Protect My Work

Registering your work with us, immediately generates a digital certificate with a unique reference number and the date it was registered providing independent, credible proof of your copyright under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Registration is most effective before releasing into the public domain and on social media, although it should still be registered and protected even if your work has already been published.

Protect My Work is a 5 Star Rated company, with over 800 reviews, securely protecting 402,168 pieces of original, creative work, since 2002.

Protect the copyright of all your work in one account, for a flat annual fee of just £41.65 + vat (subscribers outside the UK do not get charged VAT).


We have subscribers from all over the world. Copyright protection is international, across 179 countries, including  the following:

Source: World Intellectual Property Organisation, 2021
Berne Convention Treaty Signatories.

  • LOGOS AND MARKETING MATERIAL Logos, Website Design and Content, Packaging.
  • MUSIC Music, Songs, Sounds and Lyrics.
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING Course Material, Diagrams, Audio and Video
  • ART WORK Designs, 3D Models, Drawings, Illustrations, Photos, Paintings, Sculptures.
  • DRAMATIC WORKS Videos, Film, TV, Dramatic Works
  • LITERATURE Books, Audiobooks, Blogs, Poems, Articles, Stories, Screenplays, Scripts.
  • SOFTWARE Apps, Websites, Code, Databases
Benefits of Our Service

Our Digital Certificate
Become a member for a yearly subscription fee of
£41.65 (ex. VAT) per year

A £1 (ex. VAT) certificate token, is required for each piece of work you register with us (max 5 files per certificate). You can store unlimited certificates on your account.

Register today and receive 5 free certificate tokens, that's up to 25 files protected by copyright for just £41.65 (ex. VAT) per year, with a 14 day money back guarantee!

Subscribers outside the UK pay NO VAT.

D Jones

A great way of protecting your work, I've used this service to have copycats removed from Amazon .


Login and upload or simply email your work.  We record and certify the date and time the work is received, the hashcode of the files, IP address, and if sent by email, the sender, recipient and body text.  A digital certificate is immediately generated which can be shared online. We ensure all work files are securely logged and credited to you.

As none of the digitally time stamped data or files submitted can be altered on our system by anyone, this is an extremely reliable source of copyright protection.

Please do use our copyright protection logos on your work. Designed to warn-off potential copyright thieves, they work as very effective copyright notices and deterrents helping to avoid copyright infringements in the first place.

By registering your work with us and displaying this to your audience, you're sending a clear message that you're serious about pro-actively protecting your copyright.

Independent Witnessing Of Your Intellectual Property.

Proves Originality For Your Work.

Deter Others From Using Your Work Without Permission.

£41.65 (ex. VAT) Annual Membership & £1 (ex. VAT) Per Submission.


Firstly, register an account, it only takes 2 minutes and all data is encrypted for security. You'll receive a welcome email with your password and easy-to-follow instructions, with short video tutorials on how to protect your work.


Login to our member area and click the "UPLOAD NEW WORK" button. Attach your files and securely upload to our secure vault. Alternatively, email your files to


After you've protected your work, your digital certificate is immediately generated, with a unique reference number and you'll receive an email confirmation.

Phil Spurgin

Excellent facility for protecting my music. Fast, economic and easy.



Protect My Work provides a free 6 step takedown advisory guide  to our members.  We advise the most effective steps to take, from initial contact with the offending party using  template letters we provide, all the way to court action, where we will provide an affidavit free of charge.

Registered work with Protect My Work and the use of our 6 step takedown advisory guide, has resulted in all known disputes being resolved outside of any court action, since our setup in 2002.


Setting up a new business or company is both exciting and hard work.  The unique artistic design of your logo is a fundamental part of the initial setup as this will become your brand and how your clients and customers will recognise you.  It's important know how to obtain a copyright protection for your logo and your creative brand material such as your website design, website content, photos and advertising you may produce for Facebook or Instagram. 

The easiest way to confirm your ownership of copyright protection, under copyright law is to make sure you can prove that you designed the logo as well as the date and time it was created.  Using a third party copyright service like Protect My Work makes this easy to do and you can add any more creative work to your account, keeping all of your work in one place, making it easy prove the originality of all of your work.


For song writers and those creating any musical work, knowing how to copyright a song is key to the protection of your intellectual property before you release your music to producers or the public.  Copyright songs quickly and easily with Protect My Work which allows you to upload as many songs and lyrics as you want, keeping all your music in one central place. 

Once your songs are registered they'll be assigned a unique reference number and a digital certificate is issued with the date, copyright owner and of course the music files. You can make recipients of your music aware that the work is copyrighted and protected with Protect My Work, which acts as a great deterrent to copyright theft.